Thursday, November 17, 2011

Made it through the first week unscathed.. and more than a little tired.

One week old today!

Derek's doing good in general. He had a really rough start on breastfeeding. It took 4 nurses and 2 nursing specialists to get him to start and even then he wasn't doing well at it. They all said he would catch on and that there wasn't anything I was doing wrong that was preventing him from nursing, but it still felt for a long time like it had to be something the matter with me. That's probably just my post-partum depression talking though. It's gotten pretty bad. The doctor even put me on Zoloft to try to help just cause I cry all the time these days. Please pray for my emotions to even out. I'm going to start seeing a councilor weekly and take vit D pills to hopefully fix this herbally and mentally so I can get off the anti-depressants as soon as possible. All the doctors and nurses keep telling me that this is completely normal and that most women go through this. My sister who's studying to be a councilor even said that psychologists count women who have been on Zoloft for post-partum as never having been on anti-depressants because it's so common, but still it feels like I'm alone in this. But that's also a pretty normal feeling for a depressed person.

But like I said Derek's doing good. He's getting better with feedings and has started putting weight back on from that initial drop after birth. He's starting to actually have periods of time where he's just awake and looking around and getting to know his surroundings and not only waking up when he's hungry, which is obviously what he did for a while. He has the prettiest eyes ever. I wish they photographed better though.

Tomorrow (day 8 in his life as per God's guidelines) Derek is going in for his circumcision. Please pray for swift healing for the lil guy. I hate knowing that he's gonna be in pain and that in a way I'm the one causing it.

Well, Derek's waking up and it's about time to feed him, so I've got to go.

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  1. You are doing GREAT, Amanda! I love how you sing to Derek and hug and kiss him. He is blessed to have you as his Mommy.