Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Womb with a view

So I got my ultrasound today.. the baby was very, very uncooperative. And apparently breach.. But finally HE decided to show himself! For those of you who know what to look for, I've included a pic of the baby's face. For those of you with no idea what they're looking at, think of this as an inkblot test.. you get to see whatever you want.


  1. Hey little guy! We're glad to see you!! You seem very cuddly, all curling up in a ball in a corner, sleeping and not wanting to wake up. I hope you stay that way for a while!!

  2. I'm glad he decided to cooperate at last!

  3. Amanda, just wanted to mention that if your little guy doesn't turn around on his own by the end of your pregnancy, that there are doctors out there who can do external cephalic rotation. You can read my story (when Moyer was 37 weeks+, I think?) on our blog:


    And I didn't mention this in the post, I see, but it was done completely naturally. The doctor just coached me to "relax." But hopefully your little man just decides to flip on his own well before that!

  4. Yeah when mum was pregnant with me, I refused to turn upside down (still have a fear of being upside down). I'm hoping my boy is a lil less stubborn than I was.